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We can offer a wide range of:

Japanese Whisky

Japanese Rice wine (Sake)

Private labeled Rice wine (Sake)

Shochu (mugi and imo)

Plum wine (Umeshu)

Soft drinks: all kinds

ePower Co. Ltd. is the official export agent for this premium Japanese Vodka.

Okuhida Vodka Facts: 

Okuhida Vodka is produced for more than 45 years! This excellent Vodka is made from first class Japanese rice. The water that is used to produce this premium Vodka is from a spring well in the Hidakanayama mountain area, where also the manufacturer is located. This water is absolutely pure, smooth and ideal for making of this excellent Vodka. To reach this superb smooth taste the Vodka is distilled three times and matured min. 6 years. Finally it will be filtered through birch charcoal before bottling. There are maximum 800 bottles produced a month!

Bottle Facts:

Elegant blue bottle 720 ml 55% Alc/Vol.   (unfortunately no 750ml bottles for the US right now)

6 bottles per case

Price: on request

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